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One day couple intensives are best suited for local couples who have little flexibility with their schedules. This format also allows for the possibility of making progress at a quicker pace than what the traditional one hour of therapy a week can accommodate. The 1 day intensives are always held on Fridays. Couples can take one day off work and do the work in therapy equivalent to 7 weeks worth of 50 min sessions. The other benefit to a one day intensives is that couples have the opportunity to take what they have learned back to their real life and apply it. Most couples are going to need at least two or three 1 day intensives to reach their relationship goals. Usually, there is a 4 to 6 week gap between 1 day intensives.

One day intensives begin at 9:00 am and go to 12:00, followed by an afternoon break and lunch. We then meet back from 1:00 to 4:00. If needed, couples can do several one day intensives over the course of multiple weeks to achieve their relationship goals. You can call for a free consultation before scheduling a 1 day intensive.

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"I was able to dig deep within myself but also in my relationship with my spouse. We were able to connect to each other in ways we never have and have a starting foundation for a stronger, deeper, relationship" -Anonymous

"The all day intensive workshop was helpful for me to determine some issues I had in connecting with my husband. I left feeling much more confident about where we stand and in our marriage and would recommend it to others" -Anonymous

"It brought out feelings that we didn't know we were burying. The all day intensive allowed for us to move faster and deeper into issues as opposed to a weekly visit where we would have to go back and re discuss where we left off..." -Anonymous

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